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Seeing the World in a Different Light

Seeing the World in a Different Light

The Copilia Quadrata, a crustacean, has a novel solution for looking at the world around it. Its eyes use two fixed lenses, arranged like those in a telescope, and a mobile sensitive spot. By moving the detector cells the Copilia builds up an image with a series of dots as it measures light levels in a number of positions.

The Copilia Quadrata would love a Vision Processor Unit

Amazing isn’t it. Well, Socionext has done something amazing as well by developing the World’s first graphics controller with OpenVX compliant hardware accelerator and a programmable data parallel accelerator. This means that unlike the Copilia Quadrata, advanced image recognition and other advanced visual functions can be enabled at high speed. The SC1810 is equipped with a proprietary ‘Vision Processor Unit’ which is able to expand image recognition capabilities, thereby improving conventional display controller functionalities. In addition, it has an H.264 codec that can process multiple channels of camera images simultaneously, supporting 360° wrap-around view recording by drive recorders. How the Capilia Quadrata would love to have this capability!

‘Integrated Human Machine Interface’ System

The SC1810 is a fourth generation version of Socionext’s high-performance graphics display controllers thereby strengthening its capabilities for in-vehicle display systems. This SoC, a first of its kind, conforms with Khronos™ Group's computer vision API OpenVX™. In addition to its high resolution graphics it has a 3D image processing capability five times better than Socionext’s previous products. It is also capable of handling 6 channels of full HD video inputs and 3 channels of full HD display outputs which allows a variety of input and output controls. The SoC also realizes an ‘Integrated Human Machine Interface’ system which manages a range of information from inside and outside of the car and controls multiple displays, with higher definition and image quality.

OpenVX is an open standard API that has been developed for implementation by hardware vendors. Conformance tests are available, making it an ideal platform for commercial use. Extended specifications to neural networks have already been released. It is thought to be an API that will lead various applications that require computer vision in the future. With the SC1810, compliant with OpenVX, Socionext can now offer a wide range of solutions in the computer vision field, including image recognition for a variety of embedded devices for home and industrial use, as well as for automotive.

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