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ViGO - Remote Display Demonstrator Showing Functional Safety [Technology Overview]

Platform SoCs – High-speed and Highly-extensible General Purpose ARM SoCs [Technology Overview]

360° Wrap-Around View System – Supporting Driver’s Safety [Technology Overview]

3D Audio – Provide Surprising Perceptual Sensation with Spatial Audio Technology [Technology Overview]

SEERIS® Graphics Engine IP Scalable Building Block Concept [Technology Overview]

Supporting ASIL Requirements with Socionext's Automotive Display Solutions [Technical Briefing]

Socionext Corporate Introduction [Overview]

Impressive capability of Socionext’s Milbeaut® ISP Solution @ IP SoC 2016 [Interview]

SEERIS® Graphics Engine IP – Scalable Building Block Concept @ IP-SoC 2016 [Interview]

Socionext European Solutions Lab Opening [Technology Overview]

Socionext at Embedded World 2016 [Interview]

360° Wrap-Around View System [Technical Briefing]

Socionext Milbeaut Imaging for Cameras & Robotics [Technical Overview]

CGI Studio Dashboard Demo based on OpenGL ES 3 [Screen Demo]

Socionext CGI Studio [Technical Briefing]

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