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MB88F332/-3 – Graphics Display Controllers

Sprite-based Graphics Controller with Internal TCON and Various Display Output Interfaces, Integrated APIX® (Automotive/Advanced Pixel Link) Interface

The MB88F33x is a first generation low cost graphics controller solution designed for remote displays in automotive applications. By performing all graphics processing in a line based scheme, combined with a versatile and flexible sprite engine, the need for expensive frame buffers is eliminated but at the same time it enables applications to display state of the art graphics.

A further highlight of the MB88F33x device is the implementation of Inova Semiconductors’ high-speed APIX® (Automotive/Advanced Pixel Link) interface. This point-to-point connectivity transmits uncompressed and resolution independent pixel data over long distances for cameras and displays. The APIX® technology consists of a downstream link and an optional upstream link to transmit control commands, such as touch commands, back to the main SoC.

Additionally, a rich set of peripherals such as SPI, I2C, SMC (Stepper Motor Controllers), PWMs (Pulse Width Modulators) and ADCs (Analog-Digital Converters) are integrated into the device to enable a wide range of uses.

This high integration of interfaces, peripherals and graphics processing capabilities helps to reduce the overall BOM and allow the realization of competitive and cost optimized system solutions.

Multiple performance and package options are available.

Key Features

  • Integrated APIX® Phy
  • Sprite Engine (Up to 512 sprites, incl. 32 special sprites)
  • Signature Unit (ASIL B)
  • Embedded 160KB NOR-Flash
  • Embedded 128KB SRAM
  • External Serial Flash I/F (F332)
  • SPI Host I/F
  • I²C, Sound I/F, UART/SPI, Stepper Motor Control
  • PPG (PWM), ADC
  • Sound Generator Module

Product Options

  • MB88F332DAPMC-GSE2
  • MB88F333DAPMC-GSE2

Comparison Table

Block Diagram

Application Example

Low-cost system solution for Instrument Cluster & Remote Display

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