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MB88F334/-6 – Graphics Display Controllers

Graphics Controller with 2.5D Engine SEERIS™, Internal TCON and Various Display Output Interfaces, Integrated APIX2® (Automotive/Advanced Pixel Link) Interface

The MB88F334/-6 graphics controllers are cutting-edge extensions to the previous device series. A key component is the new SEERIS™ graphics processing engine which has been specifically developed for automotive applications. It is designed to provide high performance graphics functions requiring a line based internal memory only, and therefore reducing BOM cost and PCB space.
Furthermore it integrates safety features such as a signature unit to monitor the integrity of display outputs and to support the certification of Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL).
The programmable internal Timing Controller (TCON) and the various IO standards like RSDS/TTL or LVDS enable the device to connect to a broad range of displays.

Another essential differentiator of the MB88F334/-6 devices is the full integration of Inova Semiconductors’ high-speed APIX2® (Automotive/Advanced Pixel Link) GBit/s interface. This next generation point-to-point interface transmits uncompressed and resolution independent pixel data over long distances for cameras and displays, and delivers enough bandwidth for Full High Definition (HD) applications. Plus, it also offers an optional and flexible downstream channel that eliminates the need for extra cables in order to transmit user inputs, sensor data or Ethernet packets.

The extensive set of standard peripherals such as, for example, PWM, SPI, Stepper Motor Controls or debugging interfaces, complete the feature list and make the MB88F334/-6 devices a suitable and cost effective solution for many uses.

Multiple performance and package options are available.

Key Features

  • Integrated APIX2® Phy; Daisy-Chain support
  • SEERIS™ Pixel Engine
  • 2 Signature Units (ASIL B)
  • Embedded 32KB NOR Flash
  • Embedded 64KB SRAM
  • External Serial Flash I/F
  • SPI Host I/F
  • I²C, I²S (via APIX), UART/SPI
  • Stepper Motor Control, PPG (PWM), ADC
  • Sound Generator Module

Product Options

  • MB88F334PMC-GSE2
  • MB88F336PMC-GSE2

Comparison Table

Block Diagram

Application Example

Low-cost system solution for Instrument Cluster & Remote Display

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