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ARM® Cortex®-A9 Dual Core Processors, 2D Engine SEERIS™, 3D OpenGL® ES 2.0 GPU, six Video Capture Units and three Display Controller

The ARM® Cortex®-A9 Dual Core Processors SoCs are designed for mid range high performance embedded applications. The MB86R2x Family combines the high-performance MPCore™ with six video inputs and up to three display outputs, enabling the high-speed image processing of video data I/O from these interfaces.

The combination of Socionext’s 2D Engine SEERIS™ and the PowerVR™ SGX 3D OpenGL® ES 2.0 allows highly flexible powerful graphics processing. Tailored for embedded use SEERIS™ allows a combination of graphics such as videos, pictures, icons or 3D OpenGL® ES 2.0 graphics to be rendered by the GPU. This particular combination of graphics processing can be adapted to different applications. The warping-on-the-fly feature of SEERIS™ is designed for Head-up displays which require images to be corrected immediately and reduces the overall required system performance.

A significant increase in memory bus performance and memory interfaces is supported by x64 DDR3/3L bus width. Enhanced scalability was achieved due to identical pin and package compatibility. Please refer to the Graphic Display Controller (GDC) product line. The MB86R91BGL-GSE1 used as a communication and video bridge, is designed to connect directly to the three display outputs of the MB86R2x. The essential key feature of MB86R91 is its integrated Inova Semiconductors’ high-speed APIX2® (Automotive/Advanced Pixel Link) GBit/s transmitter and receiver interfaces.

Key Features

  • Dual ARM® Cortex® A9 MPCore™ (2x 533MHz)
  • ARM® Neon™ SIMD Engine
  • 3D Engine (OpenGL® ES 2.0) ‘PowerVR™ SGX543-MP1’
  • 2D Engine SEERIS™
  • Warping-on-the-fly
  • DDR3/3L-800/1066, x16, x32, x64 bus width
  • 3 Display controllers (FPD, RGB)
  • 6 Independent Video Capture Units
  • Standard I/O: UART, SPI, USB, Ethernet AVB etc.
  • Automotive I/F: CAN, MediaLB® (3-Pin)

Product Options

  • MB86R23RBB-GSE1
  • MB86R24RBB-GSE1

Comparison Table

Block Diagram

Application Examples

All-in-One: Remote Head-up, Instrument Cluster and Operating Panel

360° Wrap-Around View System

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