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Image Processors – Milbeaut®

Milbeaut® is Socionext’s generic name for a range of image processing products intended for use across the entire application spectrum from high-end digital SLRs, through smartphones to industrial applications, such as security and surveillance. The product range is already in its 8th generation and will continue to evolve to stay ahead of the market. Our image processing technology is aimed at the highest possible quality and supports a wide range of software platforms, including Android™.

Since its introduction in 2000, Socionext’s Milbeaut® series has been adopted in a wide variety of digital imaging systems, ranging from single-lens reflex, compact and smart phone cameras. With its specialist camera technology knowledge, Milbeaut®, now focusses on the video centric and digital imaging market. A market which includes Drones, Action Cameras, Unique Multi Array Cameras, as well as the mobile or DSC markets.

In the video centric imaging market, currently, image resolution is required to be much higher quality, for example from Full HD to 4K resolution and frame rate also become from 30fps to 60fps. In order to process such high resolution and frame rate, a very sophisticated image pipe line is required with low power architecture. Moreover, the market requires products which are unique, such as supporting multi-streaming input from several sensors simultaneously to make stereoscopic images for VR. To cater for this sector, Socionext has developed a new generation of powerful Image Signal Processors for video centric imaging.

Key Features

Powerful Image Pipeline & General Propose ARM processor

  • Milbeaut® imaging pipeline@1.2Gpixel/sec (dual pipe)
  • ARM Cortex A7 Quad (658MHz + Neon) 1MB L2-$
  • ARM Cortex M0 (100MHz Power Management)
  • General DSP (400MHz for Computer Vision)
  • Object and Geometric Engines
  • 2D Graphics Engine


  • USB 2.0 Host Device/USB 3.0 Device
  • SD Card (SD-IO 3.0/4.0 USH-1/2)
  • eMMC 5.0/NAND flash
  • HDMI 2.0/PCIe Gen2@ 2lane
  • Audio I/F (I2Sx2, PDMx2, SLIMBusx2)
  • MIPI DSI output 4lanes (1.5Gbps/lane)
  • MIPI CSI-2/SLVS-EC/SLVDS for sensor
  • NETSEC (SHA-1, SHA-256, AES128/256, MD-5)

Image Processing & Video Codec

  • HEVC codec 4K 60p (Encode/Decode)
  • H.264 codec 4K 30p (Encode/Decode)
  • Dual streaming 4K 60p + 1080 30p
  • JPEG 600Mp/s
  • Pre-Process: 600Mp/s x 4 pipes
  • Bayer to YCC: 600Mp/s x 2 pipes

Camera Features

  • 3DNR (Temporal NR with Ghost removal)
  • Geometric distortion correction (de-warping)
  • Local Tone Mapping/High Dynamic Range
  • Face/Object detection and racking
  • Video Image Stabilization/time lapse

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