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SC2000 Milbeaut® Image Processor

“SC2000” is the latest SoC of the “Milbeaut® series”. Equipped with a digital signal processor optimized for computer vision, it also features advanced functionalities such as 360-degree, real-time spherical stitching with multi cameras, image stabilization for without mechanical gimbals, and rolling shutter correction.

The image processing performance is up to 1.2 Giga pixel per second, three times faster than the previous processor, while the power consumption is lower than 1.7W in typical operating conditions.

“SC2000” targeting Action Camera, Drone Camera, supporting various functions with high performance and low power consumption of the latest-trend.

Milbeaut® Solution

Since its first release in 2000, the “Milbeaut® series” of image processors has established a track record of DSLR, smartphones, surveillance camera and other various cameras.

In recent years, video shooting by equipment such as drones, action cameras or security cameras is becoming more popular, and the demand for high definition and picture quality is also growing rapidly. High-speed processing of increased image data at low power is now an essential requirement for these applications.


4-Camera Stitching

It's possible to stitch the video captured from at most 4 cameras (Max:4K 30fps). When using a fish-eye lens, it's possible to capture a video by the wider field angle by correcting the distortion in real time.

Slow Motion (Full HD 240fps video)

High frame rate video capture is possible. The captured video can be enjoyed as slow motion video using an application that can change the playback frame rate.

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

HDR feature prevents under/over exposures and captures more vivid and detailed image in difficult scenes such as backlight, high contrast, and night scenes. Available for both Still and Video captures up to 30fps in full HD size.


ISP Process 28nm
Product Structure PoP
CPU CortexA7-Quad 650MHz
Package size 15mm, 0.5mm pitch
Image Processing rate Max 1.2Gpixel/sec
Max Pixel Size No Limitation
Sensor I/F MIPI Rx (4 Lane) 2.3 Gbps x 1ch
S-LVDS (16 Lane/4 clk) 1.0 Gbps
SLVS-EC (8 Lane)
Host I/F PCI-e, USB3.0, 1Gbit Ethernet
LCD I/F MIPI-DSI/16bit Parallel
Video Codec H.264 4K p30/HEVC 4K p30
Chroma NR (Suppre) X (Hardware)
Bayer NR (ELF) X (Hardware)
Lens Distortion Correction X (Hardware)
Face Detection X (Hardware Assist)
Smile/Blink Detection X (Hardware Assist)
High Dynamic Range (HDR) X (Hardware)
EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) X (Hardware)
Defect Pixel Correction X (Hardware)
Color Aberration X (Hardware)
3DNR X (Hardware)

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