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Introduction to 360° Wrap-Around View System

The 360° Wrap-Around View System provides increased driver situational awareness by combining images from multi camera inputs to create a 3D augmented reality view. With previous systems, which combined images into a 2D scene, only birds-eye views were available, making it difficult to recognize vehicles and pedestrians. The 360° Wrap-Around View System creates a real-time 3D scene allowing the driver to view images at any position from any angle therefore making vehicle and pedestrian recognition substantially easier.

High-resolution images from mega-pixel cameras are combined to provide a scene free of brightness gaps and can be used to confirm the area surrounding the vehicle is free of obstructions.

Key Features

  • Multiple Camera Inputs Around View Monitor: 4
    (Optional Side Mirror Replacement: 2)
  • Real-Time 3D Scene
  • Free View Point Position
  • Camera Brightness Control

Application Areas

  • Around View Monitor
  • Parking Assistance
  • Area Security Systems

Application Example based on Socionext ARM® Core Processor

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