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IoT – Internet of Things

The ‘Internet of Things’ will provide network connectivity to everyday objects or living beings which will allow the automatic collection and transfer of data without external intervention. Sensor and wireless technologies, as well as extremely compact and low power solutions, are the key enablers which will determine how quickly this concept will become reality.

This integration of the computer/digital systems and the physical word will allow more accurate and efficient environments. We, at Socionext, ensure that the connection is safe and secure.

Socionext combines its long experience in sensor and RF development with advanced design techniques and the latest semiconductor technology to deliver products which lead the way in terms of power consumption and space. For example, our CMOS wave sensor is the world’s smallest and can measure in three sensing modes an objects speed and the distance of a stationery object. Our WiGig module has an integrated antenna and when applied to portable equipment this technology enables large volumes of digital data to be transmitted in just a few seconds – it can realise wireless communications over 2Gbps and yet the power consumption is only 0.7mW.

Our technologies make it possible to extract and digitize only the specific information required to upload a video to the cloud. Simultaneous compression and recording of several TV channels is made possible by our SoC making it possible to view video anywhere, anytime and on any device.

We make it possible for developers to create low power, compact media boxes that combine the functions of recording, reproduction and delivery.

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