Socionext Europe GmbH

IoT & Graphics Solution BU

Established in 2006, the Munich-based Graphics Competence Center specialises in hard- and software product development. Through our technical customer support and marketing expertise, we have established ourselves as leaders in embedded graphics solutions.

We maintain close contact with European customers to monitor current and future requirements for embedded graphics applications, reflecting the industry trend towards greater functionality, performance and integration.

System-on-Chip and Graphics Processors expertise to meet your needs. Market analysis, product specification, hardware & software development, prototyping & evaluation board design are combined under one roof, enabling us to offer optimized solutions for a comprehensive range of automotive and embedded environments.

The engineering services we offer include software implementation, the development of drivers and tool suites, and customization of APIs and tools. We also offer HMI design and integration for proof-of-concepts. Close co-operation with our customers ensures each product is tailored to its exact application. In-house customer training and product-specific hardware & software support round off the GCC service portfolio.

IoT System

The ‘Internet of Things’ will provide network connectivity to everyday objects or living beings which will allow the automatic collection and transfer of data without external intervention. Sensor and wireless technologies, as well as extremely compact and low power solutions, are the key enablers which will determine how quickly this concept will become reality.

Socionext combines its long experience in sensor and RF development with advanced design techniques and the latest semiconductor technology to deliver products which lead the way in terms of power consumption and space.

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